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The Business Accelerator Course by Tarek Haddad will unveil all the secrets to start your own successful business, get financially independent, and ultimately, change your life in the process.

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Hello! I am Tarek, CEO and Founder of several businesses across the US and Canada. Here, I am going to tell you more about how I managed to do it and how you can do it as well.
But first, let me tell you how I became the person I am today.

I was born in the Middle East and my life wasn't easy at all. Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of moving to the West to have more opportunities and live a different, better life.

When I finally managed to move tho canada, I was broke. Actually, I was living in a basement apartment and had over $10,000 in debts. Not a great start - you may think. And you would be right. It wasn't easy to live in a new country in such a struggle.

But that wasn't enough to stop my dream to help others and be successful. So, depite the struggle, I decided to use any single moment of my day to learn as much as I could about business. I had a mission.

After some time, I got to start my firt business and grow it with a great team. I finally found myself with all the knowledge and the strategies I needed to have success in business and surround myself with the right people.

This helped me start other businesses across the country and grow them to the point that each one of them has a multi-million dollar worth. Plus, my journey took me to partner with successful businessmen like Bob Proctor.

And it's exactly because I am eager to help others change their live and achive financial independence and success that I decided to create this Business Coacing Course.

I put all my knowledge in this course for you to learn what truly works to start your own successful business. These are things that no one else will teach you as these are strategies that I learned throughout my business experience and that only really successful entrepreneurs know.

All this is available for you in my course. Because if you want it. you can get it. and with the right guidance, it gets easier and truly achievable.

Tarek Haddad

My Struggles Are Your
Opportunity at success.




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Get the key to successful entrepreneurship
and change your life


This is not just a normal business course. I will share with you with no reserves all the steps and resources that made me able to start multiple successful business from zero. The same strategies that work for all the other successful entrepreneurs I met along my journey.


You will...


Access to all the strategies for business success


Getting a successful business is doable for anybody. It took me years to understand it and get it. Access to all the secrets that I learned in over 20 years of my business career. I made sure that everything is described step-by-step and easy to implement.

Access to all the strategies to grow a trade or service business


Get instant access to all the steps to run a successful trades or service business. This course will unveil all the secrets to attract constant new customers and grow a stable business that will give you financial independence and more.

Access to all the steps to overcome your fears and attract success in your life


Making changes in life can be scary and fears can be hard to overcome. But as long as we listen to them, we just keep ourselves stuck in situations we don’t like. Access to all the steps that helped me to overcome my fears and pursue my dreams.

Receive the “Rich mind poor mind” Audiobook to discover how to get everything you desire in life


Receive the book that I personally wrote to help people change perspective and attract success in their lives. This book is so rich in value that other successful businessmen like Bob Proctor and Raymond Aaron recommend it.

Exclusive 6 months of website hosting for free


Get 6 months of website hosting for free so that you can grow your online business with less pressure. Make it easy for people to find you and become clients.

 Instant access to an exclusive community of ambitious individuals eager for the top.


After getting the course, you'll have the chance to join our exclusive community on Facebook. You'll be able to connect with other ambitious, perseverant, creative individuals for extra support and faster growth.

Live coaching calls, with Tarek himself.


Everyone’s journey is different, and so are the challenges we face throughout our business and/or personal growth. Tarek offers a weekly group coaching call so he has an opportunity to work with you in real-time to check your progress and help you overcome the challenges you may face.



 $4229 $997

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What others say about Tarek Haddad

Be aware of online courses selling empty promises


You might be skeptical. And you should be. You Probabbly heard the same story from others tyring to sell you courses claiming to make you rich overnight. You can see that on this page there is nothing similar to that. That's because this course is not like a magic pill that you take and wake up the following morning with a successful business. I am not going to lie; this course contains everything you need to get you successful, but it requires work and dedication to get to that point.


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$4229 $997


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