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Tarek Haddad is a serial entrepreneur actively responsible for the growth of multimillions dollar businesses in Canada and the USA. His deep belief is that knowledge becomes truly powerful when you use it to help others. He is now actively committed to sharing advice and strategies learned throughout his +12 years of business career with as many entrepreneurs as possible to help them achieve their dreams.

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Module I: Business

Things you need to know before you start

Materials and Machinery


We will review all the tasks and activities that you need to complete when you start a business. I will help you to set up a solid base for your business to be successful. You will see everything you need to take into account to generate constant business growth, even in early stages. You will see all the necessary tools to work on your own marketing activities that will allow you to generate income on autopilot.

Module II: Mindset

Limiting beliefs Part I

Limiting beliefs Part II

Fix your relationship with money

This will be the key module that will change the way to perceive your business. There are too many thoughts that overwhelm us and stop us from doing what we really what to do. We will go through those limiting beliefs and I will give you the tools to overcome any self-limitations and grow your self-confidence. Together, we will turn negative thoughts into positive and empowering ones.


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Here is WHY you should Join my program

“It’s too difficult for you” “Only a few people manage to succeed” – these are just some of the comments we can hear from others, or we tell ourselves as we are insecure and worried about failing…

Did you know that 90% of people fail in business because of their negative thoughts and lack of guidance?

I could spend hours and hours writing about the multiple times I failed along my entrepreneurial journey as I didn’t know what to do. But my deep commitment that pushed me to continue moving forward, and the help of amazing business people I met along the way, made me learn all the secrets to building a successful business.

That’s how I managed to become a serial entrepreneur. And I am so grateful for what I have been achieving in my over 12 years’ business career that I am now on the mission to be for other entrepreneurs that help that was vital for my business success.


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  • Module I: Business Fundamentals ($250)

    - Things you need to know before you start
    - Materials and Machinery
    - Marketing

  • Module II: What is stopping you? ($350)
    - Limiting beliefs I
    - Limiting beliefs II
    - Your relationship with money

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Be Aware of Programs selling empty promises


You might be skeptical. And you should be. You probably heard the same story from others trying to sell you programs and courses claiming to make you rich overnight. You can see that on this page there is nothing similar to that. That's because this course is not like a magic pill that you take and wake up the following morning with a successful business. I am not going to lie; this course contains everything you need to get you successful, but it requires work and dedication to get to that point.




One Single and Secure payment

  • Steps to overcome your self-limitations and grow your self-confidence

  •  Steps to overcome your limiting beliefs

  •  Steps to turn negative thoughts into positive and empowering ones.

  • Everything you need to know before you start

  • Steps to set up a solid base for business success

  • What to take into account to generate constant business growth

  • Steps to set up a business able to generate income in autopilot